Voice Mail

Information Services uses the AVST CallXpress Voice mail system for UMASS telephone voice mail activity. There are several different types of voice mail boxes available, many of which are offered at no charge to the end user. Voice mail can be accessed internally at UMASS or externally from a land line or cell phone.

For more information, please see the information below, as well as resources in the box to the right.

Quick Reference User Guide

General Information

Each voice mailbox include the following:

  • 150 messages, new and saved - it is recommended that you delete any unnecessary messages.
  • Subscriber Messages Length - Maximum of 4 minutes.
  • Outside callers message length - Maximum of 5 minutes.

Messages can be saved for up to 6 months.

Subscriber Mailboxes
Subscriber Mailboxes are used for the basic end user. Similar to an answering machine the subscriber mailbox records messages when you are unavailable; however, it has many more features. For example, you can send messages from a voice mailbox to other voice mail users, assign your own personal security codes, confirm message receipt, send future delivery messages, and maintain day/time information on messages. This mailbox is built with Short Message Signaling (SMS) which sends the end user an email notification in there UMass Outlook Email that a voice mail message is waiting.

E-mail notification can be removed via a help desk request.

Call Processor Mailboxes
The Call Processor mailbox greets the caller with a menu of options in which they can enter numbers via the telephone keypad to access information or be transferred to a person. This option is most used on a departments main lines where there are many voice mail boxes or options a caller can select from to get the appropriate person or service of their needs. The features of a voice mail application are determined by the types of voice mailboxes used within the application. These mailboxes can be designed to fit your personal or departmental needs.

Phantom Mailboxes
The Phantom mailboxes are not associated with a physical phone. They only exist in the voice mail system and have to be accessed via the Main Number 774-455-5555 or from another voice mailbox. An example is when multiple employees share the same phone number, each employee is given their own "phantom" voice mailbox to receive messages.

For more information about solutions including, Announcement Mailboxes, Interactive Mailboxes or distribution lists please contact the Information Services HelpDesk at UMWHelpdesk@umassmed.edu

Initializing your Voice Mailbox

In order to receive messages, you must initialize your mailbox. Follow the  instructions below. 
Do not hang up until you have completed the tutorial in full. If you do, and you have entered 
a new security code, you will be forced to change it again when you log back in. 

Internally, from your desk phone dial:  5‐5555 

  • The system will ask you to enter your Security Code. 
  • The temporary security code is: 1234 
  • A tutorial will begin to play.  


Externally dial:  774‐455‐5555 

  • When the system answers, Press the # key 
  • Enter your mailbox number (your 5 digit extension) 
  • The temporary security code is: 1234 
  • A tutorial will begin to play. Enter a new security code (between 4 & 15 digits in length). Press [#] key. 
  • Re‐Enter Security Code to confirm. Press [#] key. Do not begin your password with zero. 
  • Record your name this is what callers will hear if they send a message to you from within their own mailbox or use the dial by name feature from the Main Access Number to leave you a message. 

Press [2] to begin recording 
Press [2] to stop recording 
Press [5] to save  
Press [6] to review 
Press [4] to discard 

  • Record a personal greeting–  

 Press [2] to begin recording 
 Press [2] to stop recording 
 Press [5] to save  
 Press [6] to review 
 Press [4] to discard 

Once you have completed these steps, the system will give you general information. Your mail‐
box is now ready to accept messages. 

For assistance, please call the UMass Customer Support Center at ext. 68643 

Command Prompts

From the Main Menu

While Listening to Messages

After Listening to Messages


New Messages


Back up five seconds


To review this message


All Messages


Return to start


To message envelope info


Saved Messages: Press


Pause or continue


Forward to another subscriber




Advance five seconds


Delete the message

SubScriber to Subscriber options


Advance to end


To save this message


Reply to message


Decrease speed


To skip to the next message


Transfer back to sender


Slowest speed


To quit










Play message info










Increase speed


Fastest speed


Skip to next saved message

How do I skip a voice mail greeting?

To skip a voice mail greeting follow the following instructions when the greeting starts playing:

  1. Press the # pound key to bypass a person's greeting.

Note: If this does not work, it means they have an Out of office Greeting activated. You cannot bypass an Out of Office greeting.

How do I set up my out of office greeting?

To record for immediate activation:

Log into your mailbox From the Main Menu and press:

  • [4] Phone Manager Functions
  • [6] Out of Office Greeting Start recording
  • When you are finished recording, Press any key to stop.
  • To save the greeting, Press [#]
  • To cancel Press [*]
  • To re‐record, Press [6]
  • Remove press [4]
  • Continue and keep press [5]
  • At login you will be reminded that your out of office greeting is active and given the opportunity to disable your greeting.

Pre‐record Out of Office

Log into your mailbox From the Main Menu and press:

  • [4] Phone Manager Functions
  • [1] Personal Options
  • [3] Personal Greetings
  • [3] Out of Office
  • The system will announce if you already have an Out Office Greeting Recorded. It will then play it for you. You will have the option to keep it, delete it, or turn it on.
  • To record a new Out of Office Greeting, Press [2]
  • To hear your newly recorded greeting, Press [6]
  • To erase and re‐record your greeting, Press [4]
  • To turn on the Out of Office, Press [5]

Can I transfer a call directly to a voice mailbox?

Yes. When you have the caller on the line:

  1. Press a free access line or the "Inquiry Button" (caller is now on hold)
  2. Dial 5-5555
  3. Wait for the system to answer, once it does:
  4. Press the [*] Key
  5. Enter the 5-digit mailbox number you want to transfer the caller to
  6. (This mailbox number must be on the CallXpress voice Mail System)
  7. Press the " Transfer button" on your phone and hang up. The caller will now hear the persons greeting.

NOTE: Be sure that after you dial the persons mailbox number you press the " TRANSFER BUTTON" immediately and hang up. The caller will not hear the greeting if you are listening to the greeting.

How do I retrieve my security code?

You will need to open a ticket with the Information Technology Helpdesk to have your password reset.

Can I leave a voice mail message for a subscriber thru the voice mail system?

Yes. When you dial the Main Number ext. 5-5555 or Externally 774-455-5555 you can enter the persons 5-digit mailbox number or press [8] to dial them by name.

The message will be sent directly to them. Their phone will not ring.

How do I get to the end of a voice mail message to delete it?

While the message is playing following the instructions below:

  1. Press option [33] to advance to the end of the voicemail then
  2. Press option [7] to delete

Note: Once the voicemail is deleted it cannot be retrieved.

Will I be able to retrieve a deleted message?

No, Unfortunately the CallXpress system does not allow us to retrieve deleted messages. Once you agree to the final deletion the message is gone.