Map a Network Drive

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UMMS IT offers network drives that are backed up nightly to make information securely available between groups of people.  After you have been granted access to one of these drives, you will need to map to it in order to access its contents.

Network drives are only available when on the UMMS network, or connected over the VPN when working off site.

The two most common types of drives are referred to as "H" and "R" Drives.

  • "H" drives are also known as  Personal Network Storage. They are provided at no cost to Staff and Faculty. Storage is unlimited, but for personal use only, and cannot be shared with other users.
    • Even if you have never accessed it before, you likely already have one! (e.g \\\NTUSERNAME$\ )
  • "R" drives are also known as Purchased Network Storage. They are available to departments and labs at an affordable cost. They are meant to allow users to store and share large amounts of data.

Windows 7

  1. Open your Start menu then select Computer
  2. Select Map Network Drive
  3. Check off the Reconnect At Logon checkbox
  4. Select the letter you would like to assign the drive.
  5. Under the Folder field, enter the path of the shared drive in this format : \\servername\drivename$
  6. Click Finish

Windows 10

Choose This PC from your Desktop

Choose Map Network Drive from the top – if it’s not listed select the Computer tab to see it




Check off the Reconnect At Logon checkbox

Select the letter you would like to assign the drive.

Under the Folder field, enter the path of the shared drive in this format : \\servername\drivename$

Click Finish



  1. Click anywhere on your desktop and then click on "Go" from the menubar.
  2. Select "Connect to Server" from the list.
  3. Enter the path of the drive in question following this format:
  4. Click "Connect".
  5. You might be prompted to confirm the connection, click "Connect".
  6. You will be prompted for your username and password, use your UMMS account and not your computer account. Make sure to select "Registered User", choose whether to rememver the password in the keychain, and then click "Connect".
  7. You should then be able to save, open, and move files to an from your Network Drive from within Finder.