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Request a Network/Email Account
Here's where it all starts. Find out how to get an account on the UMMS network.

Using UMMS Wireless
UMMS wireless gives you the flexibility to work away from your office.

Map a Network Drive
Keep those shared drives at your fingertips. Here's how to map a network drive.

Map a Printer
Sometimes you just need to see it in's how to make that happen.

Outlook Tips
Web mail, calendar tips, archiving, and more...

Email On Your Phone
Send and receive email on the go from your phone.

Work Remotely
Connect to your UMMS Windows Desktop remotely anywhere in the world!

Get Software
Learn how to license and download various software applications.

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Purchase Hardware
Information on vendors and recommended desktops, laptops, and printers.

Available telephones and instructions on how to acquire and use them.

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Voice Mail
General voice mail information, shortcut keys and frequently asked questions.

Protect your information! Learn more about virus protection, spam protection, and email encryption.

Request an Account on the Cluster
Fill out this form to obtain an account on the High Performance Cluster (HPC). For more information, see the wiki.

Academic Technology for Students
Learn more about the technologies available to students, including Blackboard Learn, ECHO360 (Lecture Capturing System, Virtual Microscopy, Polling, E*Value and more.

Academic Technology for Faculty
Learn more about the teaching and classroom technologies available to faculty, including Blackboard Learn, ECHO360 Personal Capture, Virtual Microscopy, Polling, Adobe Presenter and more.