Cell Phones, Data Air Cards, Pagers

In partnership with the State of Massachusetts; Medical School staff and employees are eligible for cellular service discounts on personal cell phones with Verizon Wireless and AT&T Wireless. Click here to visit the purchasing site for more details ().

Resources for UMass Medical School issued devices

1. Mobile Device Request Form

2. Mobile Device Acceptance Form

3. Mobile Cellular Device Policy

4. Mobile Device Backup Instructions

5. Mobile Virus Protection

6. Pager Manual 

Cell Phones & Data Air Cards

The Communication Technologies department also supports institutionally procured cell phones, data air cards, and cellular service where the associated benefits justify the expense. Please refer to the Medical School Mobile Cellular Device Policy for process and procedure for requesting a cellular device or service.


Pagers by USA Mobility/Spok are available to the UMMS community who would like the ability to receive one way communication via alpha or numeric messages. Pagers can augment notification when cell service is lacking. Pagers can be obtained from Communication Technologies by initiating a ticket with the Help Desk.