Setup Your Mac

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Setup your Mac in a few easy steps! Before turning on your device, be sure to have it asset tagged. Please contact your department administrator or Asset Management.

  1. Unbox your Mac, power it on, and complete the initial Setup Assitant. When entering your username, we recommend using your UMMS username, as it will make connecting to school resources easier.
  2. Next you will install two UMMS items to configure your Mac. If you receive an error about the package not being verified, or from an unidentified developer, click on the package file while holding the control key, and select open from the menu.
    • Enroll your Mac in Casper by clicking here. Run the package installer that downloads after signing in.
    • The UMMS Setup Tool, can be downloaded by clicking here. Run the enclosed application. You will be prompted to enter your location details, like floor and office, to identify the device on the network
  3. You can now start using your Mac. Since you have administrator rights, you can download and install any application.
    • The easiest way to download Office is by clicking here, be sure to sign in with your full UMMS email to activate after the install completes.
    • Other applications can be found in the Get Software section of this website.

If you need help connecting to network drives, the VPN, or anything else, be sure to visit the Get Started page of this website before contacting the Help Desk.

Note: If you already have an existing Mac, its easiest to simply transfer the data. This will bring all your Applications, Data, and Settings. It's best to do this using a Time Machine Backup. If you do not have a Time Machine Backup, we strongly recommend creating a backup of the old machine first, and getting into the habit of backing up the new machine.