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The Clinical Data Repository implementation currently includes in-patient demographics, primary and secondary discharge diagnoses, pharmacy, and laboratory data from the existing UMass Memorial Health Care clinical systems.

In addition, IDX (scheduling and billing) and health plan data are also included as well in the repository. There are more than 500 million facts available from a pool of 3.4 million patients in production today.

Available Data

Clinical Data Repository utilizes public data files to develop reference code tables such as LOINC, ICD9, ICD10 and NDC coding systems.

LOINC and ICD9 codes are mature data standards that can be translated into meaningful searches. The NDC drug codes will be cross-referenced with the RxNorm and Orange Book drug databases to normalize the clinical drug component.

RxNorm codes from the National Library of Medicine will be maintained wherever possible to insure a common vocabulary across multiple data sources.

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