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What is TriNetX?

TriNetX is a third party software product that provides clinical data network access to its customers.  Essentially, TriNetX acts as the access provider and recruits other academic medical centers and health care organizations to also provide data.  Thus, creating a one-stop shop clinical network for users to quickly identify cohorts and locations for potential clinical trials. 

Why be part of the TriNetX network?

Academic medical centers like UMMHC and other healthcare providers face an increasingly challenging funding environment. Improving clinical investigators’ ability to leverage their own patients’ data can vastly enhance protocol design, recruitment, and execution of clinical trials, enhancing competitiveness for grants and advancing translational research efforts.  The TriNetX Network can help UMMS grow its industry-sponsored clinical trial portfolio.  TriNetX also supports deeper insights into a patient cohort to enhance our investigators’ research programs, and enables them to collaborate with peers and other member institutions. 

How does UMMS connect to the TriNetX Network?

TriNetX software leverages UMMS' existing I2B2 database as a data source, therefore, only de-identified data is shared among network users.   Additional software is installed on site at UMMS to allow the query results to be sent back to the TriNetX network.    When a network user fires off a query, it will inquire all available data sources and return with aggregate results for the user.  The user can further drill down the result in the User Interface (UI) for further analysis.  TriNetX offers a robust web based UI that has intuitive query functions and an out of box reporting tool.

For more information on TriNetX, visit, or complete the Account Request Form.

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