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Support and Training

 UMMS BuildingData Sciences & Technology provides comprehensive support for all aspects of using i2b2 software and related applications. We provide training from beginner to advanced levels. We have developed on line tutorials to introduce the basics of i2b2 query tool. You will find the link to the online tutorials in the section below.

If you would like to arrange a one to one or group training session, please send your request to the Clinical Data Team, a division of Data Sciences & Technology, IT.

Data Sciences & Technology also offers consulting services for data delivery and reports. Once a protocol is approved by the IRB, our consultants can help the researchers to locate the data approved for the clinical study.

i2b2 Tutorial Videos

This library of video tutorials introduces the MiCARD (i2b2) system and explains how to perform cohort identification functions via the UI. In addition, there are two case studies demonstrate the real world examples:

  1. Introduction to i2b2
  2. Navigate the i2b2 UI
  3. Case Study I: Diabetes
  4. Case Study II: Cardiovascular disease
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