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About MiCARD

Massachusetts Integrated Clinical Academic Research Database

Test tube ImageMiCARD is the UMass implementation of the i2b2
( informatics platform for clinical research. MICARD helps researchers overcome one of the greatest problems in population-based research: Rapidly compile large groups of well-characterized patients.

Qualified investigators may use the MICARD web-based query tool to determine the aggregate total number of patients at participating UMMHC hospitals who meet a given set of inclusion and exclusion criteria (currently demographics, diagnoses, medications, and laboratory values). Because counts are aggregate, patient privacy is protected.

     These data will be most useful for investigators interested in:

  • Generating new research hypotheses.
  • Preparing grant applications that would benefit from pre-identification and/or characterization of a potential research cohort
  • Identifying potential cohorts for clinical trials
  • Identifying consented biosamples from the UMMS Conquering Diseases Biorepository 
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