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Software Plugins

The following software tools are available to integrate with MiCARD (i2b2) system:

WISE - (Workplace Items Sharing Enhancement) Tools

The i2b2 (MICARD) web client contains panels for users to issue queries through its handy drag-and-drop graphic user-interface (GUI). Users can also drag and drop any queries they created into the Shared folder of the Workplace panel and share them with other researchers.

UMMS has since introduced two web client plugins to further enhance this sharing capability.  Explore and download the plugins.


ExportXLS v2.0 Tool

This i2b2 webclient plugin tabulates the unidentified patient data and applicable diagnoses from specified concepts of a specified cohort. It also provides convenient exportation of the data to an Excel Spreadsheet.


FAIR – (Familial, Associational, and Incidental Relationships) Tools

UMMS has undertaken a new FAIR (Familial, Associational, and Incidental Relationships) Initiative to correlate patients with other patients through certain defined relationships. As part of this initiative, a set of i2b2 webclient plugins has been engineered to enable researchers to utilize such relationship information in their studies. The initiative created an open schema that encapsulate the added information, and generate the corresponding XML in the i2b2 database.

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