The establishment and growth of the International Stem Cell Registry has been aided by the input and assistance of many individuals and institutions.The staff of the ISCR would like to express our gratitude to the following:

Our Funding Agency:  The Massachusetts Life Sciences Center

California Institute of Regenerative Medicine
Geoff Lomax

Children's Hospital-Boston
George Daley
Willy Lensch

Harvard Stem Cell Institute
Brock Reeve

Joeri Borstlap
Anna Viega

International Stem Cell Initiative
Peter Andrews

International Society for Stem Cell Research
Heather Rooke

NIH Stem Cell Task Force
James Battey
Story Landis
Baldwin Wong

Scripps Research Institute
Jeanne Loring

University of Massachusetts Medical School
Michael Collins
Terence Flotte
Brendan Chisholm
Gary Stein

WiCell Research Institute and the University of Wisconsin
Erik Forsberg
Derek Hei
Tennielle Ludwig

Whitehead Institute
Chris Lengner

ISCR Interns:
Christopher McNeal from Worcester State College (2010)
Scott Burlingame Jr. from Worcester State College (2010)

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