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UMMS Travel Registration (Terra Dotta)

Registration Requirement 

All international "UMMS Travel" must be registered in the University-wide online travel registration system (aka "Terra Dotta") and approval ensures access to UMMS travel assistance coverage and other insurances, as well as support from ISS.  Timely registration (ideally 2+ weeks prior to travel) is necessary to ensure sufficient time for review and approval by your designated Approver(s) and International Support Services (ISS).

Definition of UMMS Travel

Travel by UMMS community members (students, residents/fellows, post-docs, employees, faculty members) is considered UMMS Travel if the travel is:

  • is in the course and scope of employment at UMMS;
  • is directly related to a UMMS sponsored grant or contract;
  • is financed, in full or part, through UMMS funding, including departmental or unrestricted funds;
  • is credit-bearing, or the travel is necessary for meeting a training or degree requirement; or
  • is sponsored, arranged, or administered by the UMMS, or by UMMS faculty or staff members.

UMMS Travel does NOT include purely voluntary experiences undertaken on one’s personal vacation without any UMMS funding or administrative support and without student or trainee supervision.  

Logging In: To register an upcoming trip, go to the Terra Dotta site ( and log in using your campus login credentials.  First time visitors must set up a traveler profile using their employee or student ID. Detailed instructions, FAQs and job aids can be found on the Travel Registry intranet site.

Contact with questions or for assistance.

Registration Tips:  

  • You may combine multiple legs of one trip into a single registration. 
  • You do not need to register layover stops UNLESS you intend to leave the airport.
  • Do NOT combine non-sequential trips into one registration.
  • Complete an international traveler questionnaire for each new registration. Be sure to include details about your host.
  • Do not forget to request approval from your appropriate department lead.  
  • Be sure to update your registration if your plans change.