Inpatient Training Sites

University Campus 

The 407-bed University campus of UMass Memorial Medical Center has a full range of inpatient services. The medical wards provide a mix of general and subspecialty care with 100% of the patients attended by our full-time faculty. Here, housestaff work in a variety of medical ward settings, two medical intensive care units (MICU), one coronary care unit (CCU), a cardiac step down unit, and an active emergency department. The University campus is a tertiary care center with active renal, hepatic, pancreatic and bone marrow transplantation services. Additionally, the hospital has a complete neurodiagnostic center, and programs in occupational health, learning disabilities, sports medicine, stress reduction, and behavioral medicine.

The university campus ward teams include one resident, two interns, and frequently third and fourth year medical students.  Our non-traditional call cycle is a revolutionary model that is now termed the “drip system” and is being adopted by many programs across the country. In this model, every intern admits one to two patients daily with one weekend day off each week. 

Both of the Medical Intensive Care Units have sixteen beds, and are supervised by a pulmonologist/intensivist. Our Coronary Care Unit has sixteen beds which are shared between the medical cardiac patients and cardiothoracic surgery patients. This unit is supervised by a combination of medical and surgical faculty from our Cardiovascular Center of Excellence. Each unit is staffed by three residents, two interns, and nurse practitioners.

Memorial Campus 

The Memorial Hospital is among the oldest and has been regarded as one of the most respected teaching hospitals in Central Massachusetts. This 319-bed facility is located near the center of Worcester. Thanks to a recently completed expansion and renovation campaign it features a state of the art emergency department, inpatient wards and critical care units. The Memorial campus proudly hosts the only neonatal ICU in the geographic region and the majority of deliveries within the city occur on this campus.

On the Memorial Campus, there are four ward teams comprised of one resident, one intern and one or two medical students. Long call is every fifth night, with a short call on day three of the cycle. The long call team leaves the hospital by 10:00 p.m., signing out to a night float intern. A night float resident admits patients after 8:30 p.m.

Milford Regional Medical Center

Milford Regional Medical Center is a 121-bed facility serving the nearby community of Milford. Four teams, each comprised of a resident, an intern, a third-year medical student, and possibly a subintern rotate through the inpatient service at the medical center every month. The patient mix here is quite different from that seen in the tertiary care center, and affords our residents a community based experience complementary to that of the Worcester campuses. The Milford rotation is overseen by an on-site member of our faculty, as well as one of our chief residents.




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