Career Planning


Based on what we have learned about them during the preceding year, beginning interns are each paired with faculty members who will serve as their advisors. Advisors meet periodically with their advisees to offer career counseling, academic advice, or just a steady, supportive presence. Residents may change advisors at any time should their career plans or personal preferences dictate.

Board Certification and Post-Residency Advancement 

Year after year, the performance of our program graduates on the American Board of Internal Medicine Certifying Examination is excellent. Program graduates who choose to do subspecialty training receive outstanding fellowship appointments. Alumni electing to practice primary care can choose from a wide variety of job offerings. (A complete list of the current status of recent program graduates may be made available at your interview).

Preliminary Program 

Our preliminary internship year provides broad exposure to clinical medicine for medical school graduates embarking on careers in dermatology, radiology, anesthesiology, and neurology, among other fields. Preliminary interns are not treated as "second class citizens" in our Department. The preliminary year curriculum is identical to that for categorical interns, with the exception that preliminary interns are not assigned an ICU block or to a continuity clinic.

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