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Interested in Becoming an SP?

Thank you for your interest in teaching future clinicians via the iCELS Standardized Patient Program. 

Program Details:

For almost 40 years, UMassMed Standardized Patients (SPs) have been respected and in demand as skilled instructors and evaluators to effectively work with medical students, physician assistant candidates, nursing students, residents and practicing clinicians. Multi-station OSCE’s (Objective Structured Clinical Examinations) utilizing Standardized Patients as patients have become an assessment instrument of choice in medical education.

Our Standardized Patients are UMASS Medical School Per Diem employees and are carefully trained to:

  •  Simulate a broad range of medical conditions in realistic and consistent patient encounters
  •  Portray several medical conditions.
  •  Role play communication challenges.
  •  Evaluate and document learner performance by providing written and verbal feedback.
  •  Deliver feedback in accordance with a validated tool assessing key communication skills.
  •  Provide full physical examinations and many are trained for the female breast, pelvic and male genitourinary exams.

Our Program has also moved beyond the realm of UMass and provides academic services to most New England regional medical schools, area hospitals, and academic nursing and physician assistant programs. The program continues to make inroads as an active participant in Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Graduate Medical Education (GME) courses.

Hours are variable and project assignments vary depending upon the educational objectives and demographics of each case.  In some cases, we require standardized patients with a specific demographic in order to meet certain educational needs.  Upon hiring you will be enrolled in the UMass Medical School Human Resources as a per diem employee of the state of Massachusetts.

As cases are held at the UMass Medical School iCELS and throughout New England, it is important that you remain contactable in case of updates and are able to travel reliably to the assigned locations.

Minimum requirements:

  • Must have reliable transportation
  • Must be reachable by mobile phone, in case of last-minute changes before and during events
  • Must have a personal email account to access program correspondence, and have working familiarity with basic internet applications
  • Must be willing to wear a hospital gown (johnny), with undergarments on
  • Must be willing to be physically examined (defined as basic heart, lung and abdominal exam)

To apply:
Please Click Here to Complete an Application
Once we have received your application, you will receive an invitation to join us for the next scheduled information session. We hold these events periodically in order to better orient potential Standardized Patients.