The interprofessional Center for Experiential Learning and Simulation (iCELS) at UMass Medical School is available for use by organizations not affiliated with the Medical School, and our expert staff and faculty can assist your planning, clinical training and simulation experience, and program evaluation.

With the flexibility to simulate clinic rooms, inpatient facilities, disaster sites, and other health care settings, iCELS is a resource for creating teaching and assessment experiences. iCELS offers:

  • 20 clinic exam rooms furnished with ambulatory care equipment and supplies
  • Four large simulation scenario rooms that can be set up in various ways to mimic clinical and/or emergency situations
  • Audio/Video capabilities throughout the center

Facilities Use

All institutions and individuals using the iCELS facilities should read through our scheduling and use protocols prior to confirming any rental.  Users may reserve our simulation space, mobile equipment and/or staff support. Our team is happy to provide tours of the facility upon request, and work with you to create or enhance your program goals.

Reserving iCELS

To reserve space, equipment and/or staff support, submit a completed reservation form.  A planning session with iCELS staff is required prior to final confirmation of a reservation for new users or for experienced users with new cases/curriculum.


  • All requested rooms and resources (e.g. simulators, standardized patients) are scheduled on the half hour.
  • All requested rooms and simulators are scheduled as a block for the duration of the event, unless they are requested to be unused for more than two hours after the start or before the end of the event.
  • Standardized patients and patient educators are scheduled for a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the start of their scheduled use and for a minimum of 15 minutes after the end of their scheduled use.
  • Setup and teardown time will be added to a request, as needed by iCELS staff.


Cancellations must be made 72 hours (three business days) prior to scheduled use. If cancellations occur within 72 hours (three business days) of scheduled use, iCELS will charge for all contracted services.

Getting Started

Organizations must establish a formal letter of agreement prior to each event. Organizations outside of UMass Medical School should allow at least one month for creation and approval of the reservation proposal and letter of agreement. 

For more information or to begin the rental hosting process, contact the iCELS staff.