Browse our innovations by disease topics

Neurology, Neurobiology and Neuroscience ooo

Inventions & discoveries on diseases and conditions that arise in the brain and nervous system.

Immunology, Virology, Infectious Diseases and Microbiology

Inventions & discoveries that change the immune function or understanding its functions. 


Cancer Cancer Cancer Cancer Cancer Cancer

Inventions & discoveries that increase the quality and efficacy cancer therapy. 

Metabolic, Liver, Bowel, and Cardiovascular Diseases

Inventions & discoveries on methods and concepts that ameliorate metabolic abnormalities.

Genetic Diseases and the Genomics       ooooooo

Inventions & discoveries on new methods to fix genetic diseases or to understand the vast world of genome.


oo Orthopedic and Muscular Disease oo oooo oooo

Inventions & discoveries on diseases and conditions that arise in musculoskeletal system.

Ophthalmology, Pulmonary, Renal, and Reproductive Diseases

Inventions & discoveries on diseases and conditions in eyes, lungs, kidneys, and reproductive biology are found here.

 ooo Medical and Research Technology ooo    Technology

 Inventions & discoveries furthering cutting edge technology both on medicine and biomedical research.

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