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New HYPE Career Development Course for Young Adults available in Massachusetts!

Is the HYPE course right for me?

We are seeking motivated young adults to participate in a FREE 12-week HYPE career development course beginning in June to develop and work towards their employment and education skills.


Weekly, from June 14th-September 13th | Fridays 12pm - 2pm (EDT)


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8 Hancock Court, Quincy MA
*Accessible by Quincy Bus 238 and close to Quincy Center T Station*

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Want to Learn More?

What is HYPE?

Helping Youth on the Path to Employment (HYPE) will provide flexible, solution-focused, career-oriented services based on your needs and preferences including but not limited to:

  • Finding out what you want to do
  • Getting a job
  • Enrolling in and completing college or vocational-technical programs
  • Securing academic funding
  • Helping you identify and pursue your school and work goals
  • Work on things that get in the way of pursuing your goals, like low energy, feeling forgetful, or feeling stuck
  • Enhance skills that will help you meet your goals like time management, concentration and more!

Questions about HYPE?

Reach out to HYPE Facilitator Amanda:
Phone: 508-856-2865

HYPE Workshop


dylan hype.jpgI found HYPE after spending several months following my termination from a Human Services profession. I spent these several months unable to hold a steady job and steadily losing my sense of self-care and motivation to succeed. I told myself I would attend HYPE with all the energy and motivation I had left. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to do so.

The facilitators of the HYPE course I attended, Amanda and Rafe, were empathetic of what led me to attending the course. Through their guidance I was able to come to better terms of what caused my termination and learn to better respond to negative stimuli. I was better able to accept responsibilities of my previous actions; using lessons learned to move forward in my recovery.

With the facilitators’ patience, understanding and insight, I was able to find my own way of recovering. I was able to learn vital skills or re-learn skills I had long forgotten. Of these skills, calendaring and note taking proved to be most beneficial to my recovery. While I was in the workforce, I had the bad habit of keeping track of everything in my head, only adding to the daily stress that contributed to my termination. By using my phone for calendaring and note taking, the stress on my mind has been significantly reduced, providing me with an increase to my energy and motivation. This has kept me much more prompt to commitments and better able to reschedule meetings and appointments as needed in addition to improving reminders as to what are important and urgent for each of these.