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Bring Career Services for Young Adults to Your Agency!

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Wondering how to better meet the needs of young adults with mental health conditions who want to go college? Or get a better job? Or stay in college? Or prepare for a career with benefits and adequate pay?

Want to get HYPE into your service agency?

Beginning in January 2019, HYPE is looking for provider organizations to partner with us on a randomized clinical trial of HYPE; provider organizations may be asked to provide HYPE up to two years.

You can be a part of this exciting opportunity to deliver HYPE services, test its effectiveness, and become a national leader in services for youth and young adults.

Ideal programs should:

  • Serve a large population of young adults (18-30) with mental health conditions
  • Have an already established reimbursement mechanism for supported education services
  • Already deliver high quality supported employment services
  • Already deliver or are prepared to deliver supported education services
  • Are geographically located near several colleges and universities
  • Have willingness to learn a new approach to serving young adults

Helping Youth on the Path to Employment (HYPE) is an innovative model that can accomplish all of these goals.

HYPE aims to assist young adults to explore, pursue, and achieve education and employment goals that will lead to a desired careers and financial self-sufficiency. HYPE services emphasize education goals that further career development. HYPE services can be delivered by community-based services that are already supporting the education and employment goals of young adults (ages 18-30). Our team works collaboratively with leadership & direct staff at your agency to create and implement a plan specific to your organization.

If you are selected as a research site, programs and practitioners will receive:

  • Up to 8 days of training in the HYPE program by expert trainers (starting January 2019)
  • Free technical assistance and case consultation throughout HYPE implementation
  • The HYPE manual and worksheets
  • An opportunity to be a part of the randomized clinical trial which would involve delivering HYPE services to young adults for two years starting in September 2019.


Attend an informational webinar/meeting to hear more and ask questions on Friday November 30th, 2pm EST.

Deadline for on-line applications is December 11th, 2018.

Then What?

  • All applicants will receive a follow-up phone call for more information.
  • Six organizations will be invited to receive HYPE training in the next six months.
  • Three of the six organizations will be invited to participate in the subsequent HYPE randomized trial.