High Throughput Gene Expression/Biomarker Core Laboratory

The High Throughput Gene Expression/Biomarker Core Laboratory run by Drs. Tanriverdi and Freedman provides High Throughput/Rapid Gene Expression and Complete miRNA profiling analysis by using gold standard qRT-PCR with the combination of custom Integrated Fluidic Circuit (IFC) technology from Fluidigm (South San Francisco, CA). Also, high-throughput SNP and multi-plate immunoassay services are available. The core lab is located in a modular class 10,000 clean room.


The qRT-PCR analyses are performed on IFC chips (Dynamic Arrays 1) using a Liquid Handling Robot (Janus Automated Workstation2). Dynamic Arrays are able to conduct 9,216 Real-Time PCR reactions extremely efficiently and rapidly (within 3 hours). The primary advantage of this platform and technology is that it can complete thousands of reactions with minimal pipetting steps and much smaller volumes of reagents. This significantly saves time and experimental costs.


  1. Fluidigm
  2. JANUS Automated Workstation