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Grievance Process

Grievance Process.jpg

The UMass Chan Employee Grievance Policy and Procedure states that whenever a grievance cannot be resolved informally, the University will arrange for a formal review and will seek a fair and timely resolution of the problem.

Issues subject to grievance:

- An employee covered under the UMass Chan Employee Grievance Policy who believes they have been subject to inappropriate or unfair employment and/or corrective action. 

Issues not subject to grievance:

- Issues that pertain to UMass Chan's Compensation policies, Performance Appraisals, Performance Improvement Plans (PIP), the UMass Chan benefit package or other broad areas of financial management, staffing, patient care and/or policy that cannot be grieved by an employee. 

- In addition, certain specific conduct and activities may be governed, reviewed and managed by other UMass Chan Policies and procedures (as one example only, claims of sexual harassment/assault come under UMass Chan's Title IX Policy), and those other UMass Chan Policies and procedures may set forth their own grievance and appeal procedures, which in those circumstances would supersede this Policy.