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UMass Chan Competency Model: Overview and Application of the Model for Annual Performance Reviews and Development Goals

Core Competency

On January 1, 2018, the Human Resources department announced the implementation of the new UMass Chan Competency Model. We provided behavioral and competency based interview training to UMass Chan managers as well as training on the new electronic competency based position description.

In April, we offered Competency Model training for all employees including an overview of the Competency Model, core and position specific competencies and how the core competencies would be used in the goal setting performance review process for FY19 and going forward. 

The next phase of the training will be a deeper dive into each of the core competencies and how they will be integrated into the UMass Chan Performance Appraisal form.   

The topics covered in this training for all employees include:

 - Brief recap of the UMass Chan Competency Model

 - Discussion and application of the new UMass Chan core competencies - Accountability, Initiative, Problem Solving/Decision Making, Quantity/Quality of Work, Service Orientation, Diversity and Inclusion and Leadership/Management (for those with supervisory responsibilities)

 - How the competencies will integrate into the performance appraisal form for FY19 and thereafter

- Audience: All employees

- Instructor: Brion Carroll, Director, Organizational Development; John Roy, Director, Compensation; Steve Stowe, Director, Talent Acquisition 

- Prerequisite: None

- Venue: Recorded Webinar

- Timeline: 60 Minutes

Access to Recorded Webinar: For access to the webinar click here.