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HIRE Module, Part II - How to Onboard and Engage Your New Hire

HireHIRE Module Description: The HIRE Module covers the following topics: The UMass Chan Recruiting & Hiring Process, Diversity in Hiring, How to Onboard and Engage Your New Hire, New UMass Chan Functional Competency-Based Job Description Model

Onboarding and Engaging Your New Hire: This module provides the information and understanding of how to successfully onboard and engage new staff at UMass Chan that consists of:

  • Review Why New Hires Join and Leave UMass Chan
  • Learn How to Ensure a Successful New Hire Transition from First Day at Orientation through End of the First Year and Beyond
  • Review the New Hire Onboarding Roadmap
  • Review and Apply the UMass Chan Manager Roadmap and Resources for Onboarding a New Hire
  • Learn Why Having an Engaged New Hire Matters to You as a Manager
  • Review the Strategies to Engage New Hires and How to Apply 
  • Learn How to Create a Culture of Engagement for Your Entire Team so They are Committed to You as Their Leader
  • Learn How to Create Enthusiasm, Empower Your Team, Earn Trust, Instill Confidence, and Inspire Those Around You 

Audience: Managers/Supervisors

Instructor: Martha Streeter, Director, HR Communications, Learning and Talent Development (click on name for biography)

Prerequisite: None
Venue: Classroom; Please bring your cell phone for interactive workshop/exercise
Timeline: Offered weekly; 2 1/2 hours each class
Registration: For more details and to register, click here

*Please note, when you register, you will need to access our UMass Chan intranet site.