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Conflict in the Workplace: Transforming Conflict into Collaboration

ConflictClass Name: Conflict in the Workplace: Transforming Conflict into Collaboration - Professional Development class

Audience: All employees

Instructor: Brion P. Carroll, Ph.D., Director of Organizational Development (click name to access biography)

Prerequisite: None

Description: Why does conflict occur in the workplace? Why do we tend to avoid conflict? This course will teach you how conflict can either be constructive or destructive. Learn the pros and cons of the different ways of responding to workplace conflict and how to handle specific types of conflict situations. Learn how to turn conflict with your manager into a win/win situation for the both of you.

Venue: Classroom

Schedule/Timeline: Offered in October; 60 minutes

Registration: For more details and to register*click here. Also, you may click on our HR Learning and Development website and scroll down to view course offerings and register.

*Please note, when you register, you will need to access our UMass Chan intranet site.