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Communicating with Impact

Description: Effective communication is more than what you say. Make your message more impactful, and get the results you want in work and life. In this course, the instructor walks you through strong and clear communication strategies that will help you improve your listening, your message, your delivery, and your effectiveness. These strategies work across departments, teams, and cultures and help you get through communication blockers. The learning objectives of the course are as follows:

  • Managing the Intent-impact Gap
  • Designing the Content of your Message
  • Improving Vocal Delivery
  • Adjusting your Body Language
  • Being Politically Savvy
  • Listening to What's Said, What's Unsaid, and How it's Said
  • Increasing Empathy and Trust
  • Overcoming Anxiety

Audience: All Employees

Prerequisite: None


Timeline: Class will be available Spring 2017 (offered Bi-Monthly); 90 Minutes

Contact Information: For more information about upcoming classes, click here.