ISO Onboarding Appointment

In order to ensure a smooth on-boarding process at UMMS, please review the following information carefully.  All new employees, contingent workers, interns, students, volunteers, etc., who are NOT U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents of the United States must meet with the Immigration Services Office (ISO) for an on-boarding appointment.  This appointment will be scheduled with the Immigration Specialist serving your UMMS host department.  Generally, you will be in contact with your designated Immigration Specialist well in advance of your arrival to prepare any required documentation needed for visa sponsorship.  If you have independent employment authorization and do not require UMMS visa sponsorship (i.e. F-1 OPT or J2 employment authorization), you should reach out to the ISO a few weeks in advance of your arrival to schedule your onboarding appointment.   See our contact list to find out which Immigration Specialist works with your department. 

If your travel plans are delayed or you cannot otherwise make your previously scheduled appointment, please call or email your Immigration Specialist to reschedule as soon as possible.  ISO is required to meet with all employees within 3 business days following the start of employment and must meet with all F and J visa holders within 30 days of the program start date listed on the Form I-20 or DS-2019 to report your program participation to the U.S. government.  Failure to meet with ISO can be a serious violation of visa status.  It will also delay your ability to apply for a SSN (if needed) and your ability to receive a paycheck from UMMS.

What to bring to the initial appointment with Immigration Services

All foreign nationals must bring the following documents to the appointment:

  • Foreign National Information Form (you should be able to access this form through the onboarding portal.  Complete to the best of your ability prior to your appointment.)
  • Passport(s) that have been used to enter the U.S. in the last 3 years or have been used to enter the U.S. in F, J, M or Q visa status since 1985.
  • U.S. Visa Stamp (Canadians are exempt).  This should be in your passport.
  • Paper or electronic I-94 record. 
  • Evidence of any time that you have spent in F, J, Q, or M visa status since Jan 1, 1985.
  • Evidence of all time spent in the U.S. in any status in the last 3 years.
  • Appropriate immigration document(s) (see chart below for examples of immigration documents).
Visa Status Immigration Document
F-1 Student ALL Forms I-20

F-1 Student on period of
authorized Optional Practical Training (OPT)

ALL Forms I-20 including I-20 with OPT recommendation on page 3.  Also bring valid Employment Authorization Document
F-1 Student on period of authorized Curricular Practical Training (CPT) ALL Forms I-20 including I-20 with CPT Authorization listing UMMS as employer on page 3. 
F-1 Student using on-campus employment at an off-campus location ALL Forms I-20 including signed letter on school letterhead from International Student Advisor (P/DSO) at current school authorizing period of on-campus employement at off-campus location at UMMS for specified period of time.
J-1 (Sponsored by UMMS or ECFMG) ALL Forms DS-2019.
J-1 (Other Sponsor) ALL Forms DS-2019 including a letter from visa sponsor indicating UMMS as alternate site of activity or for students, a Form DS-2019 indicating that Academic Training has been authorized for a specific period of time at UMMS.
H-1B, O-1, E-3 Form I-797 approval notice
TN Form I-94 (see above) - most be notated with UMMS employment authorization.
J-2 Employment authorization document
Other (pending adjustment applicant, refugee/asylee, etc.) Employment authorization document

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At your meeting, your Immigration Specialist will:

  • For J Exchange Visitors and F-1 Students, ISO will report your arrival to the U.S. federal government.  For F-1 students, you must be registered for the semester for ISO to complete this step.
  • Complete your I-9 form if you will be paid by UMMS.  Review original visa documents required for employment verification and copy these documents to file with I-9.
  • Issue ISO SSN application letter, if needed, and provide directions to local SSA office.
  • Collect Foreign National Information Form and photocopy supporting documents for submission to the HR Data Group.
  • Obtain signatures for other needed onboarding paperwork for paid employees.  
  • Issue your Parking Tag and ID Badge and Access Forms (if you have not received your badge already).
  • Review any remaining steps needed to be placed on payroll (submission of SSN receipt and Tax Navigator documentation to Data Group).
  • Confirm your Immigration Orientation date and time.
  • Provide you with their contact information for follow up questions.

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