Continuation J Packet for Clinical Training Programs (Graduate Medical Education ONLY)

Submit the completed J-Clinical Continuation Packet to Immigration Services at least 60 - 90 days prior to the end date on your current form (to avoid payroll delays on July 1, submit by April 1). Be sure to type or print clearly and provide all requested information. Incomplete / illegible information may cause processing delays.

Continuation J (GME) Immigration Packet Contents

  • Reappointment Agreement: Your program will forward the agreement. It must be signed by the resident, Program Director and GME.
  • Fellowship Program Description [if entering into a Fellowship Program]: The Residency Coordinator will create this document by going to the ECFMG website. The Guidelines for Fellowship Program Description are listed on page six of the application.
  • Application form for Continuation of J1 Visa Sponsorship (page 3): Complete section A (left side). For Question #10, Health and Accident Insurance information, print “UMass Medical School.” Immigration Services will complete the rest of the application form.
  • Application for J-2 Dependent Sponsorship (page 4): Complete for spouse and/or children under 21, if applicable. Attach a copy of dependent's passport biological informaton page.
  • Form I-644, Supplementary Statement for Graduate Medical Trainees (page 5):  Complete the top half of this page and Immigration Services will complete the bottom, verifying you are in good standing at UMMS.
  • Statement of Need (from the central office of the Ministry of Health in your country of most recent legal permanent residence): See ECFMG’s Exchange Visitor Sponsorship Program Reference Guide for more information. The Statement of Need letter may be date-specific. If the Statement of Need has a specific end date, another will be required upon expiration. A new Statement of Need is also required if you are moving to a new program.
  • I-94 Arrival/Departure Record:  Coyp both sides of your curent I-94 card (white card stapled in your passport).
  • $250 Administrative Fee (non-refundable): The preferred payment method is via OASIS / ECFMG. Provide the OASIS confirmation number to Immigration Services. Be sure to include USMLE/ECFMG number If paying by personal check or money order [payable to ECFMG]. Online payment via OASIS allows your J application to be processed faster.

Processing Information

Immigration Services will review the completed immigration packet and submit the file applicatino package to ECFMG where processing time is 4 to 6 weeks. The approved Form DS-2019 will be sent to Immigration Services and then to the applicant, and you will be scheduled for an appointment to pick up the document and update any related tax and employment paperwork.

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