Department Contact List for Immigration Services

Please review the list below to determine the primary department administrator liaison for Immigration Services and the Immigration Specialist responsible for issues relating to employees, contingent workers, interns, volunteers, etc. for each UMMS department. All requests for visa sponsorship are channeled through the designated department administrator.

For Immigration / Visa Questions


UMMS Department / School

Immigration Services Contact

Primary Liaison for Department*

Anesthesiology Kate Carroll Sharon DeMango
Animal Medicine Kate Carroll Rob Krusas
ASG1  Melissa Scher Jack Barry
ASG - Surgical Amanda Connolly Maria Leitao-Pina
Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology Amanda Connolly Jackie Lima
Bioinformatics & Integrative Biology Kate Carroll Christina Tonevski
Cancer Research Office Kate Carroll Cara Gregoire
Cardiovascular Medicine (Medicine) Amanda Connolly Susan Foley
Cell & Developmental Biology Melissa Scher  
Center for AIDS Research (Molecular Medicine) Amanda Connolly Susan Foley
Center for Clinical & Translational Science (CCTS) / Clinical Research Ctr. Kate Carroll Sumner Smith
Certified Patient Instructors Amanda Connolly  
Continuing Care Units (Psychiatry) Melissa Scher Linda Harrington
Dermatology (Medicine) Melissa Scher Terry Stirk
Diabetes (Medicine) Kate Carroll Lisa Hubacz
Disability & Community Service Kate Carroll  
EA Research & Evaluation / Institutional Research Vanessa Paulman  
Emergency Medicine Amanda Connolly Christina McAuliffe
Emerging Professional Interns / Diversity Office Vanessa Paulman  
Endocrinology (Medicine) Melissa Scher Paul Newton
Family Medicine & Community Health Amanda Connolly Bernadette Cookson-Stone
Gastroenterology (Medicine) Melissa Scher  
General Medicine/Primary Care (Medicine) Melissa Scher Paul Newton
Gene Therapy Center Melissa Scher Tina Tonevski / Chloe Hinricks
Graduate Medical Education Kate Carroll Marilyn Leeds / Deb Porter / Deb Rollo
Graduate School of Biomedical Science Kate Carroll Mary Ellen Lane
Graduate School of Nursing Kate Carroll Sue Young
Hematology/Oncology (Medicine) Melissa Scher Susan Foley
Hospital Medicine Melissa Scher Terry Stirk
HR - TempRite Services Vanessa Paulman  
Human Resources Vanessa Paulman  
Infectious Disease (Medicine) Melissa Scher Terry Stirk / Candice Dufour
Information Technology Amanda Connolly  
IT - Academic Technology Amanda Connolly  
IT - CHCF/IT Engineering Amanda Connolly  
IT - Chief Information Officer Amanda Connolly  
IT - Data Sciences & Technology Amanda Connolly  
IT - Engineering Amanda Connolly  
IT - Infrastructure Services Amanda Connolly  
Library Kate Carroll  
Medicine Melissa Scher Terry Stirk / Susan Foley
Microbiology & Physiological Systems (MaPS)  Amanda Connolly Joyce Barrett
Molecular, Cell & Cancer Biology (MCCB) Amanda Connolly Judy Mondor / Jenna Eddy
Molecular Medicine Vanessa Paulman Bethanne Giehl
Molecular Medicine - Diabetes Center of Excellence Kate Carroll Lisa Hubacz
NE Newborn Screening Amanda Connolly  
Neurobiology Melissa Scher Gail Phillips
Neurology Melissa Scher Susan Foley
Neurosurgery Amanda Connolly Maria Leitao-Pina / Linda Barnes
Obstetrics & Gynecology Amanda Connolly Tina Proffitt
Ophthalmology Melissa Scher Tina Tonevski
Orthopedics Kate Carroll Mary Lammi
Otolaryngology (ENT) Amanda Connolly Maria Leitao-Pina / Linda Barnes
Parking Kate Carroll Shirley Gould
Pathology Melissa Scher Rik Madison
Pediatrics (ALL) Melissa Scher Patricia Segerson / Pat O'Neil
Pharmacy Kate Carroll Tom Pomfret
Preventive Behavioral Medicine (Medicine) Melissa Scher Paul Newton
Program in Systems Biology Kate Carroll Tina Nesbeda
Psychiatry (ALL) Melissa Scher Linda Harrington / Entela Baolli
Pulmonary Medicine (Medicine) Melissa Scher Terry Stirk
Quantitative Health Science Amanda Connolly Joyce Barrett / Sandy Stankis / Lori Randall
Radiology/Nuclear Medicine Melissa Scher Ella Covello / Sharon Sambito
Renal or Nephrology (Medicine) Melissa Scher Paul Newton
Rheumatology (Medicine) Melissa Scher Paul Newton
RNA Therapeutics Institute     Kate Carroll Tina Nesbeda
Shriver Center Amanda Connolly Cynthia Kinahan
Stress Reduction Clinic / Center for Mindfulness Vanessa Paulman Dianne Horgan / Jessica Novia
Surgery Amanda Connolly Maria Leitao-Pina / Seann Burke
Urology Amanda Connolly Maria Leitao-Pina / Beth Jennings
Vector Core Facility Melissa Scher  
Wellstone Program Melissa Scher Susan Jacobs
Commonwealth Medicine
Center for Health Law & Economics Amanda Connolly  
Center for Health Policy & Research Amanda Connolly Michelle Landry
Center for Healthcare Finance Amanda Connolly  
Clinical Pharmacy Services Amanda Connolly  
Drug Utilization Review Amanda Connolly  
Office of Clinical Affairs Amanda Connolly Joan Wall
State Supplement Program Amanda Connolly Debbie Graham
Mass Biologics
Mass Biologic Lab Amanda Connolly John Finch /   Jeff Way      


*If your department is not listed and/or the information provided is no longer accurate, please contact the Immigration Services Office

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