Monthly Reminders

Immigration Services sends out a monthly "expiring document" reminder.  Receipt of this reminder means that the department is hosting a student, employee or exchange visitor whose visa status and or employment authorization status may need to be addressed.  The reminder is sent out six months in advance because certain actions may take a long time to complete.   Please contact Immigration Service immediately if you need further clarification about a particular reminder, or have questions about how to proceed.

When possible, the monthly reminder should be completed and returned promptly to Immigration Services. We use your responses to commence any immigration-related work on behalf of the student, employee or exchange visitor and the UMMS Department. Immigration Services also uses the reminder to record student, employee and exchange visitor appointment extensions, terminations, and changes of visa status in PeopleSoft.  Immigration Services will send follow-up reminder notices to the sponsoring department at three months and again at two months (if needed) before the expiration date of the employee, exchange visitor or student's visa status or employment authorization (if applicable).

If you receive a reminder in error or need further clarification on the information included in the reminder, please contact Immigration Services immediately.