Immigration Services Orientation

Immigration Orientation is required for all foreign nationals in non-immigrant status (ie. J-1, F-1, H-1B, J-2, etc.).  You will be scheduled for an Immigration Orientation by your Immigration Specialist based on your tentitive start date.  If your start date is altered or your travel plans change, please contact your Immigration Specialist and you will be rescheduled to a different Immigration Orientation if needed.  Immigration Orientation is normally held once every three weeks and is separate from your Welcome and Onboarding Orientation for benefited and non-benefited employees and contingent workers which is scheduled by your HR Talent Associate along with your employee health screening.

At your Immigration Orientation we will review important visa information for your specific visa category as well as provide some helpful resources for life in the U.S. and Worcester.  

We recommend that you bring your passport, I-94 record and visa documents to orientation as we normally have time for questions at the end of the orientation and it is helpful to have these documents available to review when answering questions specific to your visa status.

Family members are welcome, but not required, to attend.