Extending or Changing Status for Dependents

If your dependent is filing for a change of status or an extension of status at the same time you are filing for the extension or change, please submit the paperwork below to Immigration Services along with the required paperwork for your application (not required for F-1 or J-1 extension).  See the Immigration Packets for more information on required paperwork. 

If the timing of the change or extension to your spouse does not coincide with your change or extension, please use your home address and not the address of Immigration Services where noted below

  • Check for $290.00 payable to Department of Homeland Security. Personal checks, Department checks and money orders are acceptable.
  • Form I-539 (Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status): To ensure that you have the most recent version of this form, download it directly from the USCIS website. You do not need to download the instructions as a simplified version is provided here.

    The applicant (dependent) should complete the form. [If dependent/applicant is a child, the parent should complete it and sign as parent]. We recommend that you type the application using the fillable form to avoid spelling errors on the approval notice.
    • PART 1 – Information about you. Fill in the information (name, phone number, date of birth, etc.) as it applies to the dependent. However, for the address boxes, please use Immigration Services address* as follows:
      • In the address – in care of box, type ‘HR - Immigration Services’
      • Street Number and Name, type ‘UMass Medical School, 333 South Street'
      • City, type ‘Shrewsbury’
      • State, type ‘MA’
      • Zip Code, type ‘01545"
      * If your dependents application is independent from yours, please use your home address.
    • PART 2- Application type
      • Item 1, Check box "a" if you are requesting an extension of your current dependent (H-4, O-3, etc.)status. Check box "b" if you are requesting a change to a dependent status (H-4, O-3, J-2, etc.) from another visa status.
      • Item 2, Check box "a" if there is only one dependent included in the application. Check box "b" if more than one dependent is included in the application, and indicate the number of total dependents.
    • PART 3 - Processing information
      • Item 1, Put the same end date that is being requested for the beneficiary (spouse).
      • Item 2, Check “no”
      • Item 3, Check “yes, filed with this I-539”
      • Item 4, Write the following: “University of Massachusetts Medical School/ [name of spouse/ applicant]"
    • PART 4 - Additional Information (pages 1 and 2): Be sure to answer the questions on pages 1 and 2.
    • PART 4 - Additional information (page 4):
      • If you answered "no" to Part 4, Question 3g, write the following in the appropriate place on page 4:
        - "Fully supported by Spouse":
        - Name:
        - Title:
        - UMMS department:
        - Start and End Dates of UMMS appointment:
        - Annual salary:
      • If you answered "yes" to Part 4, Question 3g, write the information requested on the form and include a photocopy of the EAD (Employment Authorization Document) authorizing employment, or other proof of work eligibility.
    • PART 5: Signature of dependent/ applicant – sign using blue ink
      If the dependent is a minor who cannot sign, a parent may sign for the child.
      Only needed if more than one dependent is included in the dependent application.

Attach photocopies of each of the following items:

  • Form I-94 for each dependent (front and back)
  • Passport information pages(s) for each dependent
  • U.S visa stamp for each dependent
  • Any current or previous I-797 (H-4, O-3 approval notices) forms for each dependent
  • If changing from another visa status include any other visa eligibility documents (Form DS-2019, I-20, etc.) for each dependent
  • Proof of marriage and/or relationship (birth certificate or something verifying child's relationship to the primary applicant, plus official translations into English if necessary)
  • EAD (Employment Authorization Document), if applicable