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UMass Chan Finance Dept. Announces the Roll Out of SUMMIT- Manage System Approved Time (MSAT)

The UMass Chan Finance Department is excited to announce a new tool called Manage System Approved Time (MSAT), which will replace the current process for approving time subsequent to the HR Direct deadline.  MSAT will go live on March 17, 2018. 

 Approving Time

On a weekly basis, the University requires supervisors or an approved delegate to approve payable time for each direct report using HR Direct. Time is expected to be approved by end of day on Fridays; if it is not approved by noon on the following Monday, the system will automatically approve the time. System-approved time must be subsequently reviewed and confirmed by the supervisor or delegate.

 MSAT is being implemented to simplify the post review process, but it is not a substitute for the standard approval process. The expectation remains that the supervisor or delegate continue to approve time in HR Direct before the deadlines as outlined above and in accordance with the University’s Time & Labor Reporting Policies.

Streamlining the Approvals

To improve the process of monitoring and approving unapproved time, the University has implemented an automated tool, MSAT, for post review and approval of unapproved time.  An MSAT report, available in SUMMIT-HR, the University’s web based reporting tool, will allow supervisors and delegates to review and confirm the system-approved time.  This will replace the current manual post review process.   After March 17, a supervisor or delegate will receive an email notification regarding system-approved time.   The email will contain a link directly to SUMMIT, which will allow the supervisor or delegate to review and confirm the system-approved time online. 


Approvers will be notified of the requirement to confirm system-approved time through a series of email notifications.  The first notification will automatically be sent to the supervisor or delegate on Wednesday morning of a payroll-processing week.  If the time remains unapproved after the next pay period, a second notification will be sent to the supervisor or delegate. If time has not been approved after two pay periods, an escalation email will be sent to the supervisor’s manager. Delegates with unconfirmed time for more than 2 pay periods will be escalated to the payroll manager and the delegate’s manager may be notified.

To view MSAT in SUMMIT (available after March 17, 2018): 

  • Use the link within the email sent to you, or
  • Log into SUMMIT, which can be accessed through the HR or Financial Services Intranet pages, access the HCM dashboard and review the Action Items tab.

Click here to access the Manager Self Service Job Aids page to review the MSAT Job Aid that provides instructions on how to access and confirm time in MSAT.

 Click here to access the 2018 Pay Calendar

Please email with any questions and include “MSAT” in the Subject line.