Career Matrices

A job family is a series of positions where the nature of the work and required skills for each job is similar. Career ladders are created within a job family to provide employees with the opportunity for professional growth and development. A career ladder clearly defines the various positions/levels within a job family, as well as the experience and skills needed for each level. This helps employees understand the potential career progression within their current job family, and what skills they need to master in order to progress to the next level.

Currently, UMMS has defined career ladders within the Research, Project Assistant, and Administrative Support job families. If you would like to explore the use of these career ladders, please contact your Compensation Specialist.

Administrative Support
Project Assistants
Research - Dry Lab
Research - Nurses
Research - Wet Lab

Compensation Specialists by Business Unit:


School - Denise Raskett, 508-856-3143 
CWM & Mass Biologics - Michelle Bird, 508-856-4029