Healthy Heart Tip Sheets

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Microsoft Word documentCarb content - fruits and vegetables  A list of the carbohydrates found in fruits and vegetables 
Microsoft Word documentCereal: how does your's rate? The health qualities of breakfast cereal 
Microsoft Word documentHDL - the "good" cholesterol How can I increase my HDL level?
Microsoft Word documentLDL - the "bad" cholesterol How can I lower my LDL level?
Microsoft Word documentNuts Nuts are healthy- but watch out for the salt and calories
PDF document Omega-3 (Fish oil) Why are omega-3 oils of nutritional value?
Microsoft Word documentSalt in food How to identify high-salt products
PDF document Smoking Algorithm A counseling guide for physicians; useful for patients
Microsoft Word documentSmoking: How to quit when ready A patient guide to quitting smoking
Microsoft Word documentTransfats What they are, and how to avoid them
Microsoft Word documentWhat do my cholesterol levels mean? Learn to read your test results 
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