Web Site Help Topic: Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks are links between web pages or web sites.

When you see words or phrases that are underlined and in a different color, using your mouse or touchpad to run the arrow over those words will change the arrow into a "hand", indicating that this is a live link which when clicked on will take you someplace else.


This link takes you to the Healthy Heart Home page.

If after reading the information where the link took you you wish to return to the original page, you should always be able to find a left arrow at the top of your browser window which will take you back. Alternatively, hitting the "alt" and left arrow keys simultaneously should also return you to the previous page.

Links to journal articles

Some articles have highlighted links to the original journal article.  Most journals provide free access to full articles, usually as Adobe Acrobat pdf files (download the free pdf reader here), once they are beyond a certain age, often one year. Such articles will download when you click on the link. But newer articles may not download unless you are connected through a school (such as UMass Medical School), library or workplace that provides access. Journals such as JAMA and the New England Journal of Medicine also often provide free access to new artices that they consider especially important.

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