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Student Spotlight- Hannah Boorstein

Monday, December 09, 2019

hannah boorstein.jpgHere at the Graduate School of Nursing, our students are dedicated, practice-focused and research-focused nurses and leaders. They take on their education with pride and make the GSN what it is today. As a token of appreciation for our students, we have started a student spotlight! Once a month, we will choose a GSN student to showcase why they are so special to the GSN. This month, we interviewed Hannah Boorstein. Hannah is a DNP1 student in our Graduate Entry Pathway in the DNP program. The following are questions we asked Hannah about herself and how the GSN has affected her as a student:

1. What program are you in and why did you pick it?

 I am a second year in the GEP program, so I am currently a DNP1 student in the Family-NP track. I chose this program because of the way it integrates students gaining nursing experience during their doctoral education. Additionally, UMass has a strong culture of valuing primary care which is my passion.

2. Where do you work currently?

I am currently starting a job via the New Grad Nurse Residency program at the UMass Memorial Medical Center. I will be orienting on 5 West on the University campus.


3. What are your hobbies outside of school?

I am passionate about cooking. Additionally, I like to spend time with my cats, paint, and be outside as much as possible.


4. What is the most helpful advice you received?

I have been told that everyone fakes it until take make it and that rang true for me because life is all about learning as you go and staying positive and inquisitive. 


5. What do you love the most about the GSN?

I appreciate the bonds I have formed with members of my cohort. Additionally, the GSN consciously integrates us into the medical school as much as possible. I think it is really powerful the way our generation of nurses is being trained alongside medical students in certain settings. I think this will do a great deal to improve interdisciplinary teamwork in our future workplaces. 


6. Who has influenced you the most?

I would say that my partner, Devon, has influenced me the most. He moved to Worcester from Oregon with me and has demonstrated a great deal of resilience and positivity during times when our life has been in flux. He reminds me regularly of my strengths and the benefits of trusting that most things will turn out well in the end.