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University of Massachusetts 4 Campus Biomedical Engineering & Technology Doctoral Degree Program
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The 4 Campus Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology (BMEBT) Doctoral Program

UMass Worcester (UMW) does not admit applicants directly to the BMEBT program since we do not provide a pre-thesis research BMEBT curriculum.

Applicants who are interested in BMEBT doctoral study must apply for admission to UMass Lowell, UMass Boston or UMass Dartmouth. If, at a later time, an admitted BMEBT student is interested in thesis research with UMW GSBS faculty he/she must, like all GSBS students, identify a UMW faculty member whose research is of interest to them.

Specifically, they may review the UMass Profiles site and search for areas of research interest.

Once BMEBT matriculants have identified potential UMW GSBS doctoral mentors, they should contact them directly and enquire about the availability of thesis research projects. Agreement by the UMW faculty to serve as a thesis mentor to the student will depend upon several factors:

  1. Does the student have the approval of their sponsoring UMass institution to undertake thesis research at UMW?
  2. Is the student’s academic record at their sponsoring UMass institution compatible with UMW requirements for progression into thesis research?
  3. Is the identified research program mentor interested in advising the student?
  4. Does the research program mentor have the resources to support the student (stipend, research supplies etc.)?
  5. Does the relevant UMW departmental chair agree to support the student if the research mentor loses funding?

Any BMEBT student who undertakes thesis research at UMW will remain a full-time student at their home institution.

Additional details on the BMEBT programs at UMass Boston, Dartmouth and Lowell may be found on the UMass Lowell Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology Program webpage.