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Areas of Graduate Study

Whether your interest lie in discovery of fundamental principles underlying biology, the translation of these discoveries into therapies that improve lives, or in understanding and innovating health care delivery, you will find research opportunities with our distinguished faculty, that will inspire you to excel.

The areas listed below represent the wide-range of research training opportunities under the mentorship of our world-renowned faculty. Some of these areas represent formal established programs, others represent concentrations or emerging programs. Our flexible curriculum allows students the ability to develop their expertise in established and emerging fields of contemporary biomedicine.

Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology Program 
Bioinformatics & Computational Biology Program
Cancer Biology Program 
Chemical Biology
Clinical & Population Health Research Program
Immunology & Microbiology Program 
Innate Immunity
Interdisciplinary Studies Program
Metabolic Network (MetNET) 
Molecular Biophysics
Neuroscience Program
Systems Biology
Translational Science Program