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Patient-Reported Outcomes

Using patient-reported outcome (PRO) tools, patients provide information about the effects of therapy that cannot be found using traditional clinical measures. Research using these measures allows clinicians to better understand how various treatments might affect what patients are able to do, how they feel, and the symptoms they experience. Active collaborations with the Department of Orthopedics and the Department of Quantitative Health Sciences contribute to this effort.

Select faculty members working in this research area include John Ware, PhD, whose internationally-recognized work focuses on improving PRO tools used in population health surveys and clinical research, and Patricia Franklin, MD, MBA, MPH, the principal investigator of the AHRQ-funded FORCE-TJR registry, a nationwide, comprehensive database of total joint replacement surgical and patient-reported outcomes.

Students involved in PRO research include MD/PhD candidate Dan Frendl, MS, who explored the utility of patient-reported functional health and well-being measures to improve risk prediction models of other-cause mortality risk in older men with prostate cancer, and Barbara Gandek, MS, who conducted a psychometric evaluation of joint-specific PRO measures before and after total knee replacement using the FORCE-TJR registry.