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Health Services Research

Health services research is a multidisciplinary field focused on the organization, financing, delivery and outcomes of health care. This research aims to support higher quality, more efficient and less expensive medical care to populations. Active interdisciplinary collaborations with the Department of Population and Quantitative Health SciencesMeyers Health Care Institute and the US Department of Veteran Affairs Healthcare System contribute to this effort.

Select faculty members involved in health services research include Arlene Ash, PhD, whose work focuses on how best to measure and improve the value of U.S. health care spending, and Robin Clark, PhDwho analyzes treatment patterns and costs for mental illness and substance use disorders in underserved populations.

CPHR students involved in health services research include Lisa Lines, MPH, mentored by Arlene Ash, whose AHRQ-funded predictive modeling of emergency department (ED) visits may identify patients at risk of future ED use, and Gillian Griffith who is working under the tutelage of Dr. Clark to examine patterns of contraceptive uptake in women with opioid dependence.