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Cancer Biology Program - Cancer Cells
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Cancer Biology

Program Directors: Dr. Dohoon Kim and Dr. Arthur Mercurio

The Program in Cancer Biology provides:

  • a strong emphasis on cancer cell biology and cancer genetics;
  • a combination of rigorous basic science with exposure to clinical cancer medicine; and
  • faculty who are basic scientists and clinician scientists drawn from ten Medical School departments.

Cancer biology is an academic discipline with a tangible end point: improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human cancers. The Program in Cancer Biology provides students interested in pursuing a career in cancer biology with rigorous training in biochemistry, genetics, molecular and cell biology, as well as an understanding of the clinical aspects of cancer. The program is based in the Department of Cancer Biology, but it also includes faculty from most basic science departments and several clinical departments. The strength and diversity of the faculty enable students to explore different approaches to the study of cancer in their laboratory rotations and to develop inter-departmental and interdisciplinary collaborations during their thesis research. This program is also an integral component of the Cancer Center of Excellence and it affords students the opportunity to participate in disease-based programs of the Cancer Center that are designed to translate achievements from the basic sciences to the clinical management of human cancers.

Requirements for Specialization

All Basic Biomedical Science students must complete the core curriculum as well as advanced topics required by their program. Students in the Cancer Biology program must take 3 advanced topics courses, two of which must be Histology and Tumor Pathology and Cancer Biology and Medicine

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