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Applicant Eligibility

blue_pushpin1.gif1. Licensing Exams Requirements: 

  • All applicants for PGY3 or higher level position MUST have passed Step 3 of USMLE prior to their date of hire.
  • US and Canadian Graduates must  demonstrate a passing score on: USMLE United States Medical Licensing Examination  Step 1, Step 2CS and Step 2CK or equivalent examinations COMLEX for graduates of osteopathic medical schools or MCCQU licensing exam for graduates of Canadian medical schools
  • International Medical School graduates must demonstrate a passing score on  (USMLE) United States Medical  Licensing Examination - Step 1, Step 2 CS and Step 2 CK  and  Must hold a valid ECFMG certificate

blue_pushpin1.gif2. Licensure Requirements

  • Appointment eligibility is subject to the Board of Registration in Medicine’s requirements for licensure (some programs may require full rather than limited licensure) Requirements for full or limited licensure for US and international medical graduates are listed on the Board of Registration Web Site at

 blue_pushpin1.gif3. Visa Requirements:

        Non  U.S. Citizens  must hold a valid J 1 - F1 or H1B (see limited circumstances) 

See limited circumstances H1 Visa

Office Of Immigration Services

   4. Requirements for applicants who had PREVIOUS OR CURRENT GME positions:

Applicant seeking to transfer to a UMass program or change specialties must submit a letter of recommendation from all previous program directors and the current program director, before receiving a GME appointment.

 5.  Credentialing 

  • All applicants must meet the joint UMMS/UMMMC Graduate Medical Education Credentialing requirements  before an appointment can be finalized.

6. Additional Requirements: 

  • All applicants MUST meet the UMass Medical School Graduate Medical Education Technical Standards 
  • including the Bloodborne Pathogen Policy
  • and any additional Residency/Fellowship Program-Specific Technical Standards.
  • All Residents and Fellows must sign the UMMS Graduate Medical Education Appointment Agreement
  • agree to abide by the provisions stated therein including the UMMS GME Personnel Policies

    7.  Employee Health Requirements:

  • All applicants must meet all Employee Health clearance requirements including required immunizations, screening, and pre-employment drug testing.