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Fall 2015

UMMS, academic partners awarded $20M from CDC to prevent Ebola outbreak in Liberia (online)
UMassMedNow, October 6, 2015


Fall 2014

UMMS Ebola Relief effort launched with $7.5M Paul G. Allen Family Foundation grant-(online)
UMassMedNow, October 23, 2014


Fall 2013

Foreign Policy names Luzuriaga a "Leading Global Thinker of 2013' for HIV research (online)
UMassMedNow, December 12, 2013


Spring 2013

UMass Medical School welcomes Liberian health care leaders (online)
UMassMedNow, June 18, 2013


Summer 2012

Students showcase summer international projects (online) 
UMassMedNow, August 22, 2012


Spring 2012

President Johnson Sirleaf meets with local Liberians (online)
UMassMedNow, June 3, 2012

Liberian president hails peace: President welcomed at UMass ceremony (online)
The Telegram and Gazette, June 3, 2012

Local Liberian community 'overjoyed' about Sirleaf visit (online)
UMassMedNow, June 1, 2012

Honorary degrees strengthen Commencement tradition (online)
UMassMedNow, May 25, 2012

UMMS faculty forge strong bonds with Liberia (online)
UMassMedNow, May 24, 2012

Documenting the women who brought peace to Liberia (online)
UMassMedNow, May 17, 2012

Students go tropical for infectious diseases rotation (online)
UMassMedNow, April 3, 2012
MOU between UMMS and Hospital Viedma and IDH (Active MOU list)

UMMS faculty witness history in Liberia (online)
UMassMedNow, January 27, 2012

Team of faculty headed to Liberia to work and celebrate (online)
UMassMedNow, January 13, 2012

Nobel Peace Prize winner to give 2012 Commencement Address - Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (online)
UMassMedNew, January 10, 2012


Fall 2011

UMass Medical School to help Liberia: Health care training to be provided for African Country (online)
Worcester Telegram & Gazette, November 2, 2011

Nobel Peace Prize winner has strong ties to UMMS (online)
UMassMedNow, October 7, 2011

Malaria expert Bernard Nahlen to visit UMass Medical School (online)
UMassMedNow, October 4, 2011



Navy Medicine a Force for Global Health (online)
UMassMedNow, June 20, 2011

Library Projects Lending Order to Chaos in Liberia (online)
UMassMedNow, June 14, 2011


FALL 2010

TB Experts Address a Global Scourge (online)
UMassMedNow, Fall 2010

Chancellor Collin's travels in China Cementing Strong Partnerships(online)
UMassMedNow, Fall 2010

Commonwealth Medicine Expands its International Public Health Efforts to Fight TB (online)
UMassMedNow, Fall 2010


WINTER 2009 - 2010

Notes from Haiti (online)
Focus, volume 12, number 8 - March, 2010

Medical School Team Rebuilding Health Care in Liberia (online)
UMassMedNow, March 4, 2010


FALL 2009

UMMS Hosts Chinese Medical Exchange Students (pdficonsmall)
Passport UMass, Fall 2009



Liberia: building toward peace and prosperity (online or pdficonsmall)
Innovations, issue #1, Spring 2009



Luzuriaga appointed associate provost for global health (pdficonsmall)
Focus, volume 11, number 7

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