Learn more about interdisciplinary geriatric research

The UMass Center for Interdisciplinary Geriatric Healthcare Research is one of seven such Centers nationwide.  To learn more about the national program, visithttp://www.rand.org/health/projects/geriatric/round2/

The UMass Center involves the expertise and efforts of investigators from:

The Gerontology Institute and Gerontology Dept at UMass Boston, UMB Gerontology

The Graduate School of Nursing at the UMass Medical School Worcester, Graduate School of Nursing

The Division of Geriatric Medicine at the UMass Medical School, Worcester, Geriatrics

Learn more about geriatrics and gerontology

The National Institutes of Health is a great source of information, http://www.nih.gov/

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality is another excellent source of information,http://www.ahrq.gov/

The Gerontological Society of America provides researchers, educators, practitioners, and policy makers with opportunities to understand, advance, integrate, and use basic and applied research on aging to improve the quality of life as one ages. Their website address is http://www.geron.org/

The American Geriatrics Society is dedicated to the health of older adults,http://www.americangeriatrics.org/ 

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