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UMass GI is one of the few places in the Northeast to offer the complete arsenal of diagnostic and therapeutic small bowel enteroscopies (video capsule, Spirus and double balloon enteroscopies) and fellows are expected to actively participate in all of these. 

Fellows at UMass have certain unique opportunities not available at all training programs, for instance, the UMass Liver Transplant Program is one of the largest in the Northeast and fellows are expected to work with this particularly challenging patient population in a multidisciplinary care model.  Fellows will also rotate with our Advanced Endoscopy Faculty and learn the ever-growing, nuanced techniques involving EUS’s and ERCP’s.  As newer fields, such as EndoBariatrics and Artificial Intelligence based evaluations, are integrated into our division, fellows will be expected to augment their experience from this exposure as well.  

The mission of the UMass Gastroenterology Fellowship Program is to train and prepare fellows to practice independently as a consultant in the field of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. This entails possessing a broad range of attributes, including: developing a broad knowledge base marked by academic curiosity; the ability to generate a relevant differential diagnosis based on accurate history taking, physical examination and interpretation of available data; understanding of the indications and contraindications for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and developing the skills to perform these procedures; the ability to think critically; the ability to respectfully interact with other providers, staff and trainees; and develop an appreciation of the humanistic and ethical aspects of medicine.

Fellows will participate in lectures and research projects, have the opportunity to teach other trainees, and provide various clinical services at a high volume academic center as well as in a community-based hospital setting to ensure development of these attributes.