Scholars meet with practitioners and others in informal but structured sessions that focus on issues and skills relevant to practice in rural and small town areas. Topics vary from year to year, but generally include physician and nurse practicioner practice experiences in rural and small town communities, mental health, advocacy, selected clinical skills, environmental health, critical access hospitals, and rural/small town culture. Scholars are encouraged to help plan the seminars. Click here for a list of seminars.


Examples of past seminar topics:

  • Casting workshop
  • Critical care access hospitals
  • Indian Health Service
  • IV therapy
  • Managing a rural/ small town practice
  • Mental health in rural communities
  • Migrant health
  • Planning for third year clerkships
  • Practice in rural areas
  • Rural health careers
  • State Office of Rural health
  • Summer projects
  • Suturing
  • Trauma care
  • Visit to rural hospital
  • Wilderness medicine



Casting Seminar


 IMG_1870  DSCN0453


 Healthy Kitchen Healthy Living Seminar

How to cut up a whole chicken 
Chickpea Salami Cocktail Mix
Grilled Chicken with Yogurt and Herb Marinade
Ljiljana's Floating Islands

                                 HKHL seminar 3

 HKHL seminar  HKHL Seminar 2