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Family Health Center of Worcester

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Please note this is our residency site..patients please contact 508-860-7800 for appointments.

To view the official website for the Family Health Center of Worcester, click here

Be a part of the solution! Train at a Federally Qualified Community Health Center that cares for a diverse, urban-underserved population..

Who We Are

The Family Health Center of Worcester's (FHCW) central location and friendly staff make it a vital community resource to an ethnically diverse urban population. For more than 30 years, Worcester’s inner city residents have turned to the health center for the highest quality care regardless of their economic status, ethnicity, education or country of origin. The homeless, immigrants and refugees who would otherwise be unable to access medical, dental, social and ancillary services are all welcome at FHCW. 

Access to the Experts

FHCW residents are trained by a highly skilled and academic faculty group. Members of our faculty have masters-level and fellowship training in Maternal-Child Health, Sports Medicine, and Addiction Medicine. We have health centers based in several of Worcester’s public schools, and our own ADHD clinic. We use the Centering Pregnancy model for prenatal group visits and group visits for diabetic patients. Our residents have on site access to behavioral health specialists,  consultant psychiatrists, sports medicine family physicians and academic pharmacists. Residents with research interests can choose a mentor from the variety of accomplished and experienced faculty and develop projects that are presented locally and nationally.

We also offer residents the opportunity to learn primary HIV care by being the lead physician for a small panel of HIV patients. Supported by an in-house Family Medicine HIV specialist and a Ryan White CARE Act multidisciplinary HIV team, residents learn both through didactics and direct patient care experience to deliver excellent, culturally competent care to our overwhelmingly minority and traditionally underserved population. They become comfortable evaluating acute and chronic illnesses in HIV patients and develop familiarity with HIV antiretrovirals and treatments for opportunistic infections. Residents also learn preventative medicine, harm reduction, and chronic disease management in the setting of HIV infection.

                 Fartun Ahmed, medical assistant at Family Health Center of Worcester. Photo by An-Hoa Giang, MD, for the Workers of Worcester project. Read Fartun’s story here.