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Introducing the WFMR Provider Well-Being Curriculum

Check out our updated Provider Well-Being downloadable brochure!

We are excited to introduce our innovative, longitdinal Provider Well-Being Curriculum at the UMASS Worcester Family Medicine Residency!

Under the direction of Dr. Sherriyn Sethi and Dr. Tina Runyan, the curriculum is designed to collaborate with other programs in the residency by creating an environment in which residents participate in exercises designed to foster compassion (compassionate care), humanism (humanistic interaction), empathy (empathic conduct), and professionalism. Other curriculum goals include effective communication through reflective writing, narrative medicine, the arts in residency education, mindfulness practice, meditation, appreciative inquiry, small group sharing and meaningful medicine groups.  

                                                                 A reflective walk in the woods
                                                                      with our Barre residents 

Collectively, this curriculum is designed to encourage resident well-being through the promotion of stress mitigation strategies, practicing and discussing strategies to maintain resiliency, and an introduction to various exercises, outlets and tools to address physician burnout. Through collaborative work between multi-disciplinary faculty and resident representatives at each health center and the central residency, the curriculum is implemented across a series of diverse settings (such as the Worcester Art Museum and through a variety of different modalities (such as exercises, didactics, retreats, and small group sessions).                   

                                                                      At the Worcester Art Museum 

In our monthly residency newsletter, Dr. Runyan includes a monthly "Wellness Moment." Click below to read some of her most recent articles:

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Worcester Art Museum

Residents are introduced to the Provider Well-Being curriculum during these interactive, afternoon sessions. Residents participate in various exercises introducing mindfulness, medical narrative, reflective writing, and the visual arts set to the backdrop of the beautiful Worcester Art Museum. 

Medical Humanities Sessions

In the second and third year, residents have protected time to participate in Medical Humanities sessions (broken down by reflective writing, medical narrative, and the visual arts.)  Each session includes skill building exercises and small group discussion. Residents are encouraged to submit their work to the Thursday Morning Memo and other publications. 

Physician Wellness Sessions

Every year, residents have dedicated time to devote to learning, practicing and discussing strategies to maintain resiliency and prevent burnout. PGY-1 has roughly 4 hours within the Physician as Leader block dedicated to wellness sessions led by faculty or a behavioral science fellow. Additionally, interns have protected time to attend Physician Wellness sessions. 

NEW!: Practice Efficiency ACT Sessions (Accomplishing Continuity Tasks):
Sessions to assist in developing specific skills in efficiency. Skills include working with an interprofessional
team, delegation, getting things done methodology, and patient centered approach to access and availability.

For more information about Resident Well-Being at our residency, contact the faculty members below: 

Sherrilyn M. Sethi, MMH, D.MH                                      
Assistant Residency Director, Curriculum Development and Assessment    

Christine Ruynan, PhD
Director of Behavioral Science                                                                    


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