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Meet our Residents! 2019-20



Julia Bindon, MD

Medical School
: Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont
Undergraduate: University of Notre Dame
Hometown: Hudson, MA
Family Medicine interests: Medical Ethics, Obstetrics, Palliative Care, Motivational Interviewing
Why did I choose to train at Barre? I loved Barre. I had an amazing interview day not just at the clinic but in the town, too (it started with a breakfast at Becki’s Bistro). Barre also showed me how capable and independent I could be as a physician.
Favorite place(s) in the Worcester area; I’m still discovering that myself!
Hobbies: Reading, dancing, watching classic movies, debating philosophy and having deep discussions with friends
Fun Facts: I’m a triplet, I couples matched with my husband (Orthopedics resident), and my first job was as a ballet teacher.


Sarah Bou-Nader, MD

Medical School:
Ross University School of Medicine
Undergraduate: Concordia University (Canada)
Hometown: Raised in Lebanon
Family Medicine interests: Full-spectrum family medicine; sports medicine; Ob/gyn
Why did I choose to train at Barre? Loved the Barre clinic and the rural medicine focus
Favorite place(s) in the Worcester area; I'm new to Worcester but I fell in love with Green Hill Park and Lake Quinsigamond.
Hobbies: Travel, film production, sketching, weight lifting
Fun Facts: I'm a twin and I speak 4 languages


Maegan (Maggie) Pollard, MD

Medical School:
UMass Medical School 
Undergraduate: Ithaca College
Hometown: Uxbridge, MA
Family Medicine interests: Geriatrics, Palliative Care, Rural Medicine
Why did I choose to train at Barre? Barre is the epitome of rural health in MA.
Favorite place(s) in the Worcester area: Barre, obviously! Stone Cow Brewery is a revelation. Also, I grew up going to Oakham for family camping trips, so driving through town gives me a lovely nostalgic feeling.
Hobbies: Singing (classical, jazz, pop), playing piano (Disney), swing dancing (with my significant other), cooking/baking, long-distance running (Disney Marathon- are you sensing a trend?), decorating my house with knick-knacks purchased at Christmas Tree Shop.
Fun Facts: If I had chosen a different path in life, I would have been a music teacher! One of my biggest passions outside of medicine is amateur community music. My mom is a conductor of a community chorus in my hometown, which is what drew me back to this community to practice medicine.


Brittany Reid, MD

Medical School:
St. Georges of London Medical School
Undergraduate: St. Lawrence University
Hometown: Saskatoon, Canada
Family Medicine interests: Rural medicine, lifestyle medicine and healthcare policy
Why did I choose to train at Barre? I love the Barre clinic because of the wide range of services it makes available to the lovely surrounding rural community, the friendly and supportive staff & faculty and the rural medicine training combined with experience and resources of a university health system.
Favorite place(s) in the Worcester area: Shrewsbury St., Stone Cow Brewery
Hobbies: Horseback riding, kayaking, scuba diving
Fun Facts: I have lived in 4 countries




Elizabeth Bobersky, MD

Medical School: Albany Medical College
Undergraduate: Northeastern University
Family Medicine interests: home care geriatrics, women's health
Hobbies: Yoga and meditation 


Stefanie Russell, MD

Medical School: 
St. Georges University
Undergraduate: SUNY Plattsburgh
Hometown: Westport, NY (in the Adirondacks)
Family Medicine interests:  Rural medicine and full-spectrum practice; Healthcare policy/advocacy
Why did I choose to train at Barre? I chose Barre because I was looking for a rigorous program that would teach me how to handle just about anything. I was impressed with the full spectrum training provided at Barre and by the dedication of the residents, faculty and staff. Most importantly, I was impressed with the type of doctors they produced.
Favorite place(s) in the Worcester area; My favorite thing about Worcester is the food scene! I love exploring new places in the area.
Hobbies: I enjoy traveling, home projects (including agricultural and gardening ones) reading and podcasts. I just finished season 3 of Serial.
Fun Facts: I grew up on a farm.


Beshoy Sidhom, MD

Medical School:
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
Undergraduate: Johns Hopkins University in 2012.
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Family Medicine interests: Pediatrics, global health, procedures, teaching, community health, inpatient medicine
Why did I choose to train at Barre? Global health track, good training in inpatient/outpatient and maternal child health, academic center with opportunities to rotate with different specialties, opportunities for research/presentations/QI, breadth of practice at Barre, diverse/international population in Worcester, location, within driving distance of home, and Epic EMR.
Favorite place(s) in the Worcester area: Outdoor space- Elm Park and Indian Lake; Restaurant- My Sister's Crawfish II
Hobbies: Travel, cooking/eating, discovering new cities/places, hanging out with my wife/family/friends, and watching animated movies.
Fun Facts: I grew up in Alexandria, Egypt and moved to the United States when I was 11. I speak Arabic fluently, I've been to 18 countries and my wife and I have a goal of 20 by 2020, I love maps, and my favorite movie is "How to Train Your Dragon."


Suhas Sreeharshan, DO

Medical School: New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine, American University of the Caribbean 
Undergraduate: Stony Brook University 
Family Medicine interests: OMM 
Hobbies: Hiking and swimming



Anne Gifford, MD, Chief Resident

Medical School:
St. Georges University
Undergraduate: Case Western Reserve (BA and MPH)
Hometown: Wellesley, MA 
Family Medicine interests: Geriatrics, palliative and hospice care, dementia, women's health
Why did I choose to train at Barre? I loved being able to have full spectrum rural care at a center with walk-in care, basic level ER care and full spectrum primary care, plus all the benefits of urban hospital medicine.
Favorite place(s) in the Worcester area: The outdoor patio at Lock 50
Hobbies: Knitting and crochet, cooking, coloring books (not just for kids!)


Jad Jalal, MD

Medical School:
Ross University
Undergraduate: University of Ottawa
Hometown: Ottawa, Canada
Family Medicine interests: Preventive Medicine, Sports Medicine, Nutrition, Urgent Care
Why did I choose to train at Barre? Barre offers the perfect training site by being a rural program 30 mins away from a large academic center. We get the support from all the specialists available at UMass while benefiting from an "unopposed" feel. Barre also serves as an Urgent Care center and offers training for a multitude of procedures.
Favorite place(s) in the Worcester area: Green Hill Park, Lake Quinsigamond, and the innumerable ethnic restaurants in the city.
Hobbies:  Weightlifting, soccer, traveling, learning new languages, listening to podcasts, watching documentaries, live stand up comedy, cooking.
Fun Facts: I speak 3 languages and I am learning Spanish.


Michael Maddaleni, MD

Medical School:
UMass Medical School
Undergraduate: Boston College
Hometown: Peabody, MA
Family Medicine interests: Sports Medicine
Why did I choose to train at Barre? I went to medical school at Umass and I grew up in Massachusetts. Umass has always felt like home to me.
Favorite place(s) in the Worcester area: Apex! Forekicks, Assabet River Rail Trail
Hobbies: Basketball, Volleyball, Fireworks


Julia Vu, DO

Medical School:
West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergraduate: Union College
Hometown: Boston, MA
Family Medicine interests: My own interests are OMM and sports medicine and continuity of care from newborn to elderly, and across generations.
Why did I choose to train at Barre? The rural population, the number of acute care patients, the ability to do a wide range of procedures.
Favorite place(s) in the Worcester area: There are lots of delicious food options, so I don't have favorite places and love to try new food.
Hobbies: I love to travel
Fun Facts: I stepped on a nail at age 8 and survived...I rode on a water buffalo in Vietnam!