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Meet our Residents (2021-2022)





Nicholas Burstein, DO

Medical School:
Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine
Graduate: MS in Medical Physiology, Case Western Reserve
Northeastern University

Hometown: Needham, MA
Family Medicine interests: Full-spectrum primary care, Palliative Care, Narrative Medicine, Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Medical Education
Why did I choose to train at Barre? I wanted to return home to New England for my training. UMass stood out to me because of the combination of rigorous academic training and full spectrum primary care that were integrated into the communities in Worcester and Barre. I also felt like the residents, faculty, and administrators were my kind of down-to-earth and genuine people that I would want to spend 3 challenging years training beside. I was particularly interested in Barre because of the chance to learn in both an urban-academic and rural environment and the opportunity to truly "own my patients."
Hobbies: Songwriting and music production, drumming, oil painting, creative writing, spending time with my wife Lucy and our dog Beep!
Fun Facts: I made the music for "Cube Runner," one of the first games released in the Apple app-store. It has been downloaded over 6 million times!


Nicholas Croce, DO

Medical School: University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine  
Undergraduate: UMass Lowell
Hometown: Amesbury, MA
Family Medicine Interests:  Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, Rural Medicine, Obstetrics, Outpatient Procedures, Pediatrics, Teaching
Why Did I Choose to Train at Barre? My goal is to be a small-town, old-school, jack-of-all trades doctor; and the inherent rigors of training at Barre Family Health Center will best prepare me for this.  UMass Worcester Family Medicine Residency is jam-packed with compassionate, talented, and humanistic people who will challenge me to be a loving, full-spectrum, patient-first provider.
Hobbies: Family time, Basketball, Fitness and Nutrition, Hiking, Woodworking, Home/Auto DIY, Boston Sports
Fun Facts: I am a husband, father, and self-proclaimed old soul who hopes to someday have a baseball team of children!  I come complete with a fully-loaded arsenal of dad-jokes and puns, funky socks, and a seemingly endless loop of year-round Christmas music playing in my head.  I pride myself on making creative, not-quite-Pinterest-worthy cakes for my wife, being the guy who brings homemade gifts to high-end functions, memorizing children’s books with my son, and eating the same breakfast nearly every day for eight years (and counting.)


Brett Lehner, MD

Medical School: University of Connecticut School of Medicine
Undergraduate: University of Connecticut
Hometown:  Bethel, CT
Family Medicine interests: Rural practice, Integrative Medicine
Why did I choose to train at Barre? When I was looking for a program, I wanted to be able to train with a rigorous full scope rural family medicine program, but I also didn’t want to be far away from my family and friends, and for that Barre was a perfect fit for me. The program has a long history of excellence in training family medicine physicians, with smart and supportive faculty, and the balance of the academic setting and rural care made me believe this program would prepare me to be the best physician I can be. 
Hobbies: gardening, permaculture, guitar, soccer
Fun Facts:  A few years back, I rode my bicycle across the country to raise money for a charity with a friend of mine.

  Sara Rogerson, MD

Medical School:
Drexel University School of Medicine

Graduate: MS in Medical Sciences, Boston University
Undergraduate: University of Pittsburgh 
Hometown: Johnstown, PA
Family Medicine interests: Addressing health disparities and working with underserved communities
Why did I choose to train at Barre? I chose UMASS, and specifically Barre, because it offered a unique combination of the training and resources provided by a university health system along with the rural health training provided at Barre Family Health Center.
Hobbies: Photography and tennis



William Brown, DO

Medical School: University of New England
Undergraduate: Rutgers University 
Hometown: South Plainfield, New Jersey
Family Medicine interests: Addiction Medicine, Palliative Care, Rural Medicine
Why did I choose to train at Barre? I chose UMASS, and specifically Barre, because it offered a unique combination of the training and resources provided by a university health system along with the rural health training provided at Barre Family Health Center.
Hobbies: Camping, Hiking, Guitar, Music
Fun Facts:  I am a pen collector and enthusiast.


  Alex Doering, MD

Medical School: Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College
Undergraduate: Bowdoin College
Hometown: Windham, Maine
Family Medicine interests: I particularly like geriatrics, palliative care, and addiction psychiatry
Why did I choose to train at Barre? I worked at UMass for two years before medical school, and I love the area. Of the three clinics, Barre allowed me to continue working in a rural clinic setting while still getting more inpatient cultural diversity in Worcester
Favorite place(s) in the Worcester area: The local restaurants are incredible. Some of my favorites are Fatima's Cafe, Armsby Abbey, and Birtchtree Bread Company. Closer to Barre, there is also Rose32 Bread and Stone Cow Brewing
Hobbies: I like hiking, running, cooking, and gardening
Fun Facts: The only time I have ever been in a cop car, I was with my high school chemistry teacher in Ecuador.


Grant Lewandrowski, MD

Medical School: UMass Medical School
Graduate: Tufts, MS in Biomedical Sciences
Undergraduate: Washington and Lee University
Hometown: Lexington, MA
Family Medicine interests: Procedures, inpatient and outpatient care delivery, military and veteran's healthcare.
Why did I choose to train at Barre? I drank the Barre Health Center koolaid during a third-year medical school clerkship rotation, and my FMIS sub-internship in fourth year only further solidified my desire to stay at UMass for residency. Interviewing around the nation and seeing how FM was practiced in different regions, I found Barre to be the best of all worlds with outpatient practice in a rural healthcare setting complete with home visits, as well as rounding on inpatient wards at a large academic university hospital center. In my eyes that was the epitome of what it meant to be a clinician and family physician.
Hobbies: Being a dog dad, gardening, DIY home improvement, and grilling meat. 
Fun Facts: I'm 32 years old! I'm a third generation physician following my father and grandfather, and my sister is also starting her residency at UMass in Pathology.


Nick Martin, MD

Medical School: UMass Medical School 
Undergraduate: Northeastern University 
Hometown: Chelmsford, MA
Family Medicine interests: Addiction Medicine, Sports Medicine, Longitudinal Primary Care
Why did I choose to train at Barre? During my 4 years at UMass Medical School the Family Medicine faculty members were some of my biggest inspirations. They are incredible mentors, educators, and advocates, and I'm very fortunate to be continuing my education here and learning from them.
Hobbies:  Basketball, Golf, Gardening, Hiking, Video games
Fun Facts: I was a back to back county free throw shooting winner in high school, I can cook almost anything in a Crock Pot, I had a rhinoplasty (nose-job) stemming from an inside fastball incident, my family won a toilet at a minor league baseball game (Lowell Spinners)


  Julia Bindon, MD

Medical School
: Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont

Undergraduate: University of Notre Dame
Hometown: Hudson, MA
Family Medicine interests: Medical Ethics, Obstetrics, Palliative Care, Motivational Interviewing
Why did I choose to train at Barre? I loved Barre. I had an amazing interview day not just at the clinic but in the town, too (it started with a breakfast at Becki’s Bistro). Barre also showed me how capable and independent I could be as a physician.
Favorite place(s) in the Worcester area; I’m still discovering that myself!
Hobbies: Reading, dancing, watching classic movies, debating philosophy and having deep discussions with friends
Fun Facts: I’m a triplet, I couples matched with my husband (Orthopedics resident), and my first job was as a ballet teacher.

Sarah Bou-Nader, MD

Medical School:
Ross University School of Medicine

Undergraduate: Concordia University (Canada)
Hometown: Raised in Lebanon
Family Medicine interests: Full-spectrum family medicine; sports medicine; Ob/gyn
Why did I choose to train at Barre? Loved the Barre clinic and the rural medicine focus
Favorite place(s) in the Worcester area; I'm new to Worcester but I fell in love with Green Hill Park and Lake Quinsigamond.
Hobbies: Travel, film production, sketching, weight lifting
Fun Facts: I'm a twin and I speak 4 languages


Maegan (Maggie) Pollard, MD, Chief Resident 

Medical School:
UMass Medical School 

Undergraduate: Ithaca College
Hometown: Uxbridge, MA
Family Medicine interests: Geriatrics, Palliative Care, Rural Medicine
Why did I choose to train at Barre? Barre is the epitome of rural health in MA.
Favorite place(s) in the Worcester area: Barre, obviously! Stone Cow Brewery is a revelation. Also, I grew up going to Oakham for family camping trips, so driving through town gives me a lovely nostalgic feeling.
Hobbies: Singing (classical, jazz, pop), playing piano (Disney), swing dancing (with my significant other), cooking/baking, long-distance running (Disney Marathon- are you sensing a trend?), decorating my house with knick-knacks purchased at Christmas Tree Shop.
Fun Facts: If I had chosen a different path in life, I would have been a music teacher! One of my biggest passions outside of medicine is amateur community music. My mom is a conductor of a community chorus in my hometown, which is what drew me back to this community to practice medicine.


Brittany Reid, MD

Medical School:
St. Georges of London Medical School

Undergraduate: St. Lawrence University
Hometown: Saskatoon, Canada
Family Medicine interests: Rural medicine, lifestyle medicine and healthcare policy
Why did I choose to train at Barre? I love the Barre clinic because of the wide range of services it makes available to the lovely surrounding rural community, the friendly and supportive staff & faculty and the rural medicine training combined with experience and resources of a university health system.
Favorite place(s) in the Worcester area: Shrewsbury St., Stone Cow Brewery
Hobbies: Horseback riding, kayaking, scuba diving
Fun Facts: I have lived in 4 countries.